A Children’s Book about Native Plants

Bear Cub’s family moved to a new house. It was big and empty, inside and outside. It felt a bit lonely. Bear Cub looked in every room. No friends to be found!


Bear Cub went outside. He looked in front of the house. Just grass. He looked behind the house. More grass. He looked next to the garage. Just grass! There were no friends to be found anywhere.

In this children’s story full of native plants and wildlife, learn how Bear Cub invited friends to his new home– by creating a Puddle Garden.

Bear Cub plants cardinal flower, swamp milkweed, blue flag iris, elderberry, and more. His garden quickly fills with grateful wildlife. His home landscape is no longer lonely!

Children and parents alike will be inspired by this story to create homes for butterflies, hummingbirds, turtles, frogs and other wildlife, using native wildflowers and shrubs that provide shelter and sustenance.

The Puddle Garden is written by botanist, author, and native plant grower Jared Rosenbaum.

Of Jared’s previous book, author/scientist Doug Tallamy had written:

People across the country are discovering the rewards of sharing their yards with other living things… They have discovered that none of this happens without the plant communities that have been the foundation of local food webs for eons. But what are these plants? The answers to these and many more questions are provided and beautifully illustrated by Jared Rosenbaum… For projects from the soil to the canopy, this is a must-read.

 Jared’s collaborator (and sister) is illustrator and designer Laura Rosenbaum. Laura’s playful and delightful illustrations have been featured in publications for Condé Nast, the New York City Department of Education, KnollTextiles, and more. In The Puddle Garden, her stylish and organic drawings are rendered in fine point ink and bright watercolors to bring Bear Cub and his crew of fauna and flora to life.

The Puddle Garden will be more than a book. The companion website here at thepuddlegarden.com brings all the plants and animals in the book to life with photos and more writing, planting lists and guides, and everything a family might need to create their own Puddle Garden.

Laura is also creating a beautifully illustrated poster of Bear Cubs and his plant allies and animal friends. Together, the poster and website round out a native plant story that’s fun, heartening, educational… and important.

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